Realizing dreams takes time which is why I'm working with the clock of the universe, perfection can never truly exist but it's so much fun to see how close one can get.

A label born out of nothing except grit, determination and the will to succeed when others think you can't. Here at tennyson we strive to be different, follow our own lane and create garments that stand out and make you feel good.

Inspired by London life, hipster spots, and other cultures. A truly eclectic mix to inspire creativity. 

We love what we do and hope you love to wear what we do.

Keep it fly


Born in London

Clothing label born out of the desire to not only create good quality clothing but great fits made in London. Here at Tennyson we will always focus on quality over quantity and we will always try to push boundries.

Hand drawn designs

All our garments are firstly hand drawn, sketched and decided upon before any patterns and toiles are created. We like to use this method as it feels more personal to us and we are sure differentiate us from other brands.